domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

Feliz día de la madre

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  1. Hola Luisa Maria! No puedo escrivar en espagnole;

    Parlez-vous français? Je suis professeur de français alors, puis-vous écrire en français ou en anglais?

    I am so thrilled (soy encantada) that you came by my France party link post! WOuld you like to take part in it? I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU!

    Please confirm to me if you wish to "formar parte" de mi lista and then I will put you on the list!

    CIAO mi amiga! Anita

  2. Hola Anita !Yes I DO ! 😄😄
    I Would love be in your list !!!
    Also i am glad you love i be thear !!

    Chao My friend Anita !

  3. Luisa! BONJOUR!

    Thank you for coming back to let me know you would like to be a part of the link party! I will put your name on my current list and link on the post for the first day of the party. Take my blue and white "button" and put it on your side bar here to show you are participating! MERCI! GRACIAS!



    Merci d'être venue! Gracias pour....oh, oh! My Spanish doesn't go that far!!!!!!

    I can't wait for the party to begin, and your BEAUTIFUL and bright blog will be a lovely place to celebrate FRANCE! Have a fabulous day and thank you for your kind comment! Anita

    1. BONJOUR ANITA !! i can´t wait for the friday beggining party!! Thanks so much for your lovely idea and your always original and awesome post .

      Have a nice day Anita.

      I can´t stop to thinking all the time about the Pics France Party .... : ) : )

  5. livinginmyhome.blogspot.it15 de mayo de 2013, 10:53

    Complimenti!!!!! Hai un blog bellissimo, belle foto, belle ambientazioni!!!! Da oggi ti seguo anche io!!!! Ciao a presto.


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