martes, 19 de mayo de 2015

My favorite colors for the spring are pastels

I love pastel color !! yes 

Isn’t it amazing how we change our color preferences according to the season?
 When winter comes Pinterest and all microblogs start to post pictures in grey, 
white and brown colors, 
the dark mood is the most favorite one and the cozy textures fill-in all the feeds. 
And at the moment when the first signs of the Spring are around us – our eyes want colors.
 My favorite colors for the spring are pastels and I love the work that the stylist Cleo Scheulderman and the photographer Jeroen van der Spek did for VTwonen.

And if we rely on their taste that’s what will be hot this Spring: it will be the mix of chairs, glass, vintage ladder, pastel colors with hot pink, the marble texture and the beautiful composition of linen in the bedroom that create a feel for luxury.
So do you like that kind of Spring bathed in pastel colors?
photographer Jeroen van der Spek / VTwonen
XX With Love XX

4 comentarios:

  1. Oh Luisa, these rooms are divine! That one with the old white beams is so elegant and perfect and pastels with white and gray are FOR ME! Love to you! Anita

  2. Love to you ANITA!!!
    And thank you for caming


  3. Hola!!! Que bonitas habitaciones en tonos pasteles, me quedo por tu blog.
    Recibe un saludo de Revelo&ideas low cost.


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