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Afternoon hight Tea

**Afternoon hight tea**

If something fascinates me English customs is the hour of tea, especially the hight afternoon tea.
Let me show you the way to get an excellent result of style and way of presenting it, and enjoy it to the fullest.
Do not forget to do both sandwiches, as cooquies lemon, mini cakes are very British.
Food is optional, but I would say there is no hight afternoon tea without cream cheese Cucumbet or tuna sandwiches, Scones, Buns, mini cakes & pastry puffs, Cloted cream, jam or fruits curds.
Teaspoons and size of the plates, teapot, wonderful cups and tablecloths and napkins soft colors create a desirable and welcoming atmosphere, and I hope I know communicate in all its splendor.

Lovely  Teacup

Lemon Blackberry Spritz Sandwich Cookies, one of my favorite cookies with lemon juice and zest in the cookies and fresh black berries used to make the buttercream filling

mini tea party cookies

Miniature cakes frosted with buttercream and topped with pink sugar roses are a sweet alternative to a slice of cake.


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  1. Luisa! WOWOWOWOOWOOWOW! I love tea, the sparkling cookies and colorful cakes here! You are inspiring me to bake some cookies to go with our tea this week!

    You celebrate in photos, in lovely moments of grace. THANK YOU MI AMIGA! Anita


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